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Sadie Goldman, CTC, CSAT

Certified Separation

Anxiety Trainer offering remote services worldwide.

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Welcome to

Sadie and the Tramp LLC

Does your dog have trouble
being left home alone?


If so, you're in the right place.

Hi, my name is Sadie and my journey in dog training has led me to specialize in the treating of separation anxiety and other related behavior problems. Separation anxiety is prevalent in dogs across the globe, but with more research being done we now have methods to successfully treat it through the process of desensitization, and I'm here to help you. 

I offer an intensive program that treats the root cause of your dog's separation anxiety. The relationships I build with clients are very important to me, and I strive to provide an open and supportive space throughout the training process.

How I help:

How it Works


Initial Phone Call

After submitting your contact form, I will reach out to you to schedule a free 15 minute phone call to discuss your case, answer any questions, and ensure we are the right fit for each other.


Live Assessment

Once we start working together, we'll have a live assessment over Zoom to see how your dog handles being alone. This will give us necessary information in order to start your dog's individualized training protocol. 


Daily instruction

and Support

Each time you complete a training mission, you'll get to add notes on how your dog did! Based on these notes I'll write your next day's mission. On top of that, we'll have a live Zoom consultation once a week to assess your dogs progress and make adjustments.



What qualifications do you have?

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What causes separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder in dogs, and humans have very little influence over whether or not it will develop. While major changes like moving homes or starting a new work schedule can trigger separation anxiety, research has shown it can develop regardless of a dog's breed, age, their upbringing, or how much attention they receive. In short, an owner cannot cause a dog to have separation anxiety. The truth is dogs are highly social animals, many of them are genetically predisposed to become anxious when left alone.

What is Desensitization and what makes this method so successful?

In this context, desensitization will be the process of gradually introducing your dog to being left alone at a rate they are comfortable with. Your dog will be learning that being left alone feels safe, and the process of changing that underlying emotion is what makes this a lasting treatment. 

How much time will I need to spend training?

The training missions should take 20-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Why train remotely?

Training remotely allows us to practice absences as they would happen in real life. We want your dog to learn it's very boring when you come and go, so having a trainer come in person would be unnatural and add unnecessary excitement. This training platform also allows us to have more focused uninterrupted time to communicate, and works regardless of your location. 

What area do you serve?

Working remotely, I'm able to work with anyone in the world who has access to the internet and Zoom. If you need help setting up the technical side, I'm happy to walk you through it. 


How much do you charge?

$180/week when committing to a 4 week package. 

Packages include:

- Free 1 hour initial assessment upon signing up.

- New individualized behavior modification plans and coaching 5 days a week.

- Weekly 1 hour live consultations over Zoom (4 total).

- Daily support and communication via text and email.

- Collaboration with your local veterinarian, as needed.

How long will the training take?

How long the training takes is highly dependent on your individual dog and what your goals are. For desensitization to be successful we have to work at your dogs pace. I will say it's best to think in terms of months, not weeks- but in the end it's worth it knowing your dog will be relaxed at home even while you're gone.

Will this really work?

While no one can make guarantees when it comes to an individual animal's behavior, desensitization has an incredibly high success rate when owners follow the protocol.

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How can I sign up or get more information?

Please reach out through the separation anxiety Contact Form. Thank you!

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Ready to get started?

I'd love to hear from you, please reach out through this contact form:

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