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Welcome to

Sadie and the Tramp LLC

Dog Training and Behavior

Hello! My name is Sadie and I'm a Certified Dog Trainer located in Woodland, CA. You can scroll down this page to learn more about me, my credentials, and methodology below.

Here is a brief description of the services I offer:

Private Consultations

I'll come to your home and work together with you and your dog. We can focus on any training or behavior goal you have in mind.

Drop In & Train

I'll come to your home and work

alone with your dog multiple times a week, before transferring it to you.

A great alternative to "Board & Train".

Separation Anxiety

I'll work with you remotely via Zoom to guide you through the process of desensitizing your dog to be left at home alone.

About me

About Me.

Hi! My name is Sadie Goldman and I absolutely love people and animals. I was raised in Woodland CA and after some time away touring the country, I'm proud to be back and serving my community. 

I strongly believe in using only the most up to date, science based, positive reinforcement training methods. I'm Certified in Training and Counseling (CTC) as well as being a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT). 

I specialize in fear, aggression, behavior modification, and separation anxiety- but throughout my life I've gained experience in many areas. I've spent years volunteering at animal shelters, working with rescue and rehabilitation, service dog training, running group classes, and more.

Furthermore, I'm here to help you in the area's you want help in; I don't believe there is a way your dog should behave and am an advocate of "letting dogs be dogs" whenever possible.

Simply put: My goal is to find the best way to make both you and your dog happy.


Dog training is an unregulated industry- misinformation spreads fast and it can be hard to know what to listen to. I've studied extensively in order to provide legitimate help to those struggling with their dogs. I stay up to date on the latest animal behavior research, which includes learning theory, applied behavior analysis, and systematic desensitization. I believe in using methods that are humane and effective. As such, I've taken a vow to never use pain, force, or fear to train animals (or their owners). When working together I take both a dog's individual needs and their owner's lifestyle into account when determining the best plan of action. Furthermore, I am here to help people, not just their dogs. I strive to develop lasting relationships with my clients and support them in both times of hardship and celebration. 




"OMG!!! Sadie is amazing, and so sweet and loving with our dog. She worked a miracle in two days of training at her house. Charlie no longer tries to escape and run out the door and away from us the minute the door is opened. He no longer goes berserk when someone is at the door. We no longer need to live with gates and fences in the house to contain him. The transformation has changed my life!!! Cannot thank you enough, Sadie."  -Irene Anderson

"We did one month of separation anxiety training with Sadie and our pup. We appreciated her guidance and the structure of the training. It helped us set a great foundation to continue getting Maz comfortable with being left alone. Highly recommend!"  -Carly Goldstein 

"Sadie was great! In a short period of time we were able to nearly go over all the behavioral issues my dog was having and found a successful way to positively reinforce her to display better behavior. I was so shocked that my dog quickly caught on and learned some great new techniques to work on her behavior. I’ll definitely be coming back to Sadie in the future for any play time, introduction to new furry friends in the household, and more task training. Thanks Sadie, you rock!"  -Daniella Perez

"Sadie is so great! She came to our house to help reduce the reactivity of my rescue dog. She was professional, kind, and patient. It was great to watch her, then perform the task myself, and get gentle guidance on what I can improve. She wrote everything down in an email afterwards so that I had something to refer back to as I practiced with my doggo. I booked a follow-up appointment so she can help us get the lil guy adjusted to the dog park. I wish I had called her sooner!"  -Suzanna Naramore

"I can't recommend Sadie highly enough! We reached out to Sadie for help working with our 3yo Australian Shepherd on leash pulling, reactivity to other dogs, and separation anxiety. Sadie was great! Each session was fun and engaging for our dog, and we saw better behavior right away. Sadie was very knowledgeable and prepared, and she was able to address all of our concerns. Sadie met us at home, the park, and during walks based on training goals for the day. She was also super flexible with our work schedules."  -Chris William

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