Why Choose Sadie and the Tramp?

Certified Professional

Legitimate help in an unregulated industry

There are no standards of care or minimum education requirements to call yourself a dog trainer.  Sadie believes dogs and their owners deserve better. She graduated from the most rigorous, advanced program available in the industry; The Academy for Dog Trainers

Proven Methods

Science-based, positive reinforcement training

Sadie uses the latest research in learning theory and applied behavioral analysis to safely and effectively modify your pets behavior.  These methods are humane  and effective. Sadie will never use pain, force, or fear to train your dog.  

Work Together 

Custom training plans just for you

Sadie will work with you to determine the best plan of action based on your lifestyle and your dogs individual needs. She takes a realistic approach and sets attainable goals. Sadie is in the business of helping owners, not just their dogs.

Locally Owned

Rancho Cordova and

Woodland CA.

Sadie is local to Rancho Cordova but is also still serving her hometown of Woodland. Sadie is active in the community and has spent countless years volunteering in Yolo County at the Animal Shelter and SPCA.  She strives to develop lasting relationships with her clients and support them through their journey raising dogs.

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Enjoy your dog more

Benefit from private consults, classes, or day training. 

About Sadie

Sadie Goldman is a Certified Dog Trainer. She graduated with honors from The Academy for Dog Trainers – the world-leading program for dog trainers and behavior consultants – and received a Certification in Training and Counseling. Sadie specializes in treating fear, aggression, and underlying causes of behavior problems.  Growing up, Sadie always loved animals and began fostering kittens for the SPCA. At 18 she began volunteering at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, training dogs and providing enrichment.  Since then she has been involved in rescue, rehabilitation, service dog training, herding, rally, agility, and conformation.

Dog training


Sadie uses humane, science-based training methods to safely and effectively modify your animal's behavior.  This up-to-date style of training is based on learning theory and uses the principles of reinforcement and punishment.  

Sadie agrees with the AVSAB's position statement on punishment: advocating against the use of force, pain, or intimidation which risks

increasing fear and aggression. 

Sadie focuses on:

  • Increasing and decreasing behavior by giving and taking away what the dog wants 

  • Treating the underlying cause of a behavior 

  • Setting the dog up for success

As a client you will be provided with support between sessions and can count on respectful, encouraging, and knowledgeable service.